We supply you Japanese traditional paper 'Washi' from Japan .
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The following website introduces the usage of Japanese washi paper

Yuzen washi paper


Laminated yuzen washi paper
size 620mm x 920mm
0.2mm thickness

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Yuzen Japanese Washi Paper
Yuzen paper for Origami, craft, interior and upholstering NEW Ukiyoe

Chigirie Washi Paper, Mingei Washi Paper
Mingei and Momi(crumpling) washi paper Chigirie color paper
Hand cut (pluck) paper pictures
Mura-zome Japanese washi paper Ita-jime Japanese washi paper

Japanese Washi Wrapping Paper

Wrappig lace washi paper
Wrapping Bags

Unryu paper for table decoration, wrapping and craft

Japanese Washi Paper for Architecture
Laminated Japanese color Washi paper 
and special designed Washi pape
New Washi Paper Wall Covering 
Super repellent finish and gentle for environment 
Shade and Shoji paper Interior Decoration Washi paper
Water repellent finish
Shoji paper
Patented three-layered technique
Japanese Handmade Design Washi Paper MK series
Fusuma Japanese Washi Paper MPS Plate Bathroom doors, fitting and partitions.


Japanese Washi Paper
Japanese washi General Paper Shade paper
Stamp Woodcut Paper    

Japanese Washi Craft Paper
Decal Transfer Washi Paper  
for Ceramic work to decorate bisque ware
 Washi paper balloon
Japanese Eco friendly Event paper


Gold color metallic strings for crafts and wrapping
and thread color strings.
Gold color metallic strings for crafts and wrapping
and thread color strings.


For about 50 years' sales of Washi paper
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