The design origin 'Unryu' comes from the illustrations in the old days that dragons flying over the clouds (heaven) that means to bring a good fortune to persons. The thin 'Unryu' paper, the most selected Japanese traditional quality paper gives us more soft and transparent feeling than our usual thin rice paper for fashion and table decoration paper.    
  The production can only make through autumn to winter when river water temperature becomes below some level. The small white designs are automatically inlaid at some fixed distances by modern facility which making technology for the thin 'Unryu' paper is said exclusively belonging to our paper mills. The small white designs we call it 'Hana' in Japanese language, literally means flower remains in white color after the paper is printed and makes not only the peculiar beauty of its paper, but also the strength of its paper. The features of the used paper will create the various purposes of uses such as wrapping for small items, flower and various decorations. The Washi Unryu paper will give the tasteful and attractive feeling you won't have experienced.    
      Washi Unryu Paper      
For about 35 years' sales of Washi paper
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