The one sheet size is 970 mm x 620 mm      

The above "Hiroshige" Ukiyoe wood cut printing pictures are newly reconstructed on Yuzen paper by Japanese present skillful expert. We have made the four pictures on the one sheet of Yuzen paper inexpensively with the one artwork.
The high quality handmade Washi paper can separate the each picture from the above one sheet by dipping water on the separate lines
and take off the each picture. The every edge appears with natural fringes.

Hiroshige was born on 1797 and he travelled the present Tokyo to Kyoto at 37 years old. The road was called "Tokaido Gojyu Santugi" at that era there were 53 staying villages (posting stations) and sketched the 55 scenery pictures He became famous for the Uikyoe 55 scenery pictures.

          The above one sheet consists of the following four pictures        

Size 460 mm x 295 mm

One of Hiroshige famous scenery pictures

Title : Shower (Haku U)
Shiyono, 46th posting station near Kyoto


Size 460 mm x 295 mm

The picture expresses full moon and cherry in night at the place
Yoshiwara (Edo era of Tokyo)
where adult people enjoyed.

Size 460 mm x 295 mm

Ryogoku (Edo era of Tokyo)
People enjoyed taking pleasure boat with beautiful ladies from famous restaurant.
Size 460 mm x 295 mm

Nihonbashi (Edo era of Tokyo)
Famous bridge to enter into or exit Edo The picture is drawn same as the aboe SHIYONO shower scene, but rain is milder and center, Mt. Fuji. Umbrella is named his sponsor "Sano" One of his famous pictures.

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